Project Description

Limit 7 Designers
$700 Paid in (2) installments:
$400 Deposit (Based on Availability)
$300 Balance Payment For February Show Season – Due December 15 and For September Show Season – Due July 15 Includes:

*Venue, Staging and Lighting
*Hair and Make Up
*Up to 20 Garments Looks Maximum
*Can Show Multiple Collections within your Collection Showing and Designer is allowed to show out of Season Collections
*20 Models will be assigned from PLITZS Model Pool
*10 FREE Guest Seats – 4 VIP Front Row Seats & 6 General Seats
*Raw HD-Pro Video of Collection Showing (With Full Copyrights)
*Photos (High Resolution) of Collection Showing (With Full Copyrights)
*Invitation to the Media & Press Release
*Inclusion on event website with bio and link to the show’s Featured Designer web page
*Attendance to one scheduled model fitting prior to show
*Dressers to assist Designer backstage and during the show

Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable


February Season

September Season