At PLITZS Fashion Marketing
“Diversity, Affordability and Creativity is our Number One Priority”

Shared Opportunities are better at PLITZS New York City Fashion Week – Creating an Affordable and Professional Showcase Platform.

PLITZS Fashion Marketing founded the “PLITZS New York City Fashion Week” in 2004. Working with international and domestic emerging fashion designers – we provide showcasing opportunities, brand exposure, networking and only charges “approved emerging fashion designers” a nominal designer package fee ranging from $700 ($400 Deposit), $1,700 ($800 Deposit) and $2,500 ($1,500 Deposit).

PLITZS New York City Fashion Week has created an independent network of international and the United States domestic Fashion Week show productions not affiliated with any other industry association.

Showcase your fashion design brand with PLITZS New York City Fashion Week in true New York City landmark setting.
PLITZS New York City Fashion Week takes place at the heart midtown Manhattan.

Over 1,000 attendees will enjoy the sophistication, innovation, and high-style of 25-40 emerging international and USA domestic fashion designers.

* Affordability – Designer fashion brands are looking for better value on their budget spend. Designer participation in many New York Fashion Week productions are expensive and coupled with travel expenses or product material expenses, a typical designer fashion week participation can easily cost thousands of dollars in one year to showcase their designer collection during New York Fashion Week.

* Fashion Week Show Cost – A fashion designer can almost buy a small car for the price of showcasing their fashion design brand at some New York Fashion Week show productions – multiply that by three to five trade shows per year and it comes to quite an investment.

* Expectation Level – Fashion Designers maybe smarter today than they were 20 years ago. In the past, many fell into the industry by accident. Today, fashion designers have undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in fashion design and business management. They expect more from a New York Fashion Week show production.

Each Fashion Week season only 25-40 position opportunities will be available for emerging Fashion Designer brand collections to apply to be featured in the PLITZS New York City Fashion Week “Designer Showcase Presentation”. Our Designer Showcases will take place in the heart of Midtown Manhattan during the Fashion Week seasons in New York City. Fashion Designers can capitalize on their one-day presentation which will afford them the opportunity to present their brand collection to potential clients, retail fashion store/boutique owners, buyers, general managers, potential investors, trade organizations, editors, bloggers, public, media and press. Designers will talk to audience attendees first hand directly after their showcase via our media/press junket – Fashion Designers should get ready to showcase and invest in their fashion brand and show why they’re a hot Emerging fashion brand.


Our mission is to continue to maintain PLITZS New York City Fashion Week “Designer Showcase Presentation” as the premier fashion event in New York City that offers designers an opportunity to broaden their fan base through multi-channel marketing and exposure to consumers, the general public, retailers, buyers, and the media.

PLITZS New York City Fashion Week “Designer Showcase Presentation” offers a select few talented emerging designers an opportunity to affordably showcase their collections in a professionally produced presentation during the week of New York Fashion Week without breaking their annual budget.


Simpler – Smarter – Smoother at PLITZS New York City Fashion Week. Emerging Fashion Design Brands will find that it’s the most affordable New York City Fashion Week production Platform available. PLITZS New York City Fashion Week translates into higher value for your budgeted dollars. Start planning your Fashion Design Brand’s next Fashion Week showing in New York with PLITZS New York City Fashion Week.

Showcase without Hassle

PLITZS New York City Fashion Week Delivers Value!
In a time when value is everything, there are so few platforms during Fashion Week in New York that actually deliver. In the case of PLITZS New York City Fashion Week, the value you get is real.