Established in 2018, Cyrus’ Closet is an independently run fashion brand specializing in African textiles. With inspirations from West Africa and its Ankara and Kente cloths, Cyrus’ Closet strives to bring the vibrant and unique patterns and designs found in African textiles to a diverse audience. Cyrus’ Closet in maintaining their connection to the African Diaspora also specializes in bespoke as well as special occasions garments with an added Afro-American fusion.

Cyrusline David is a self-taught Freelance Fashion Designer and the owner of Cyrus’ Closet which is currently based in the United States. Originally from Staten Island, New York, she later moved to Ohio where she is currently attending The University of Akron where she studies Accounting. Fashion and Design have always been important and an integral part of Cyrusline’s identity as such the dream of starting her own fashion company was always a dream she hoped to realize. To further reach this goal, in high school, she sewed her dance outfit by hands and later that year asked for a sewing machine for Christmas. There she starting self-teaching herself everything she needed to know. From learning how to use a sewing machine to learn how to sew basic shirts, tote bags, pillowcases, and pouches. She loves being able to make things that she saw in stores. In 2016 Cyrusline officially got into the fashion designing, where she sewed clothes for her schoolmates and peers. In 2018, Cyusline established Cyrus’ Closet as a means of showcasing her artistry and her love of fashion and design. Cyrusline believes that fashion is non-defined-able and because of that, fashion can be anything at all. It is this vast creative openness that Cyrusline strives to incorporate into all her pieces.

Company Contact:

Instagram: Cyruscloset_1
Ph: 347.745.7622
New York, USA