Creator of the art called Fashion. Couture Fashion Designer, 15-year-old Ensaam Farraj has been designing and creating since the age of nine. Has showcased in ACFW and presented in three runway shows with Karen’s School Of Fashion. Inspires to become the next “Christian Dior”, Creates a high end, Innovative, modest, Luxury designs!

My name is Ensaam Farraj, I Am a fifteen-year-old fashion designer. This is what I was born to do. This is my DESTINY!!! Since I can remember I have been passionate about fashion. All I did growing up was draw clothes and dresses. When I was three all I use to do was walk around and keep repeating I’m going to be a fashion designer. My mom use to take to to the mall and mix and match try on different outfits and walks around the mannequins and I would design how I think they should look! When I was nine years old my mom took me with her to her dressmaker, she noticed something on me and offered to teach me. I took one on one lessons with her until I was 13 when I started with Karen’s School of Fashion in Marlboro, NJ, to challenge myself to go towards my dreams and closer to the path I was born to be !!!

Ph: 609.610.4873
Instagram: Ensaam_2003
New Jersey, USA