International acclaimed jewelry designer and creator.

Renowned Filipina jewelry designer and three-time Katha Awards winner.

Winner of the Best Design in Sustainability award last 2016 in New York Now (NY Now) with her Nature is Gold clutch.

Ann Ong continues to make her mark on the global change as she presents her newest collection of handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces, titled Surround yourself with Nature, at New York.

Ann Ong, an esteemed style purveyor who picked up the “Best Designer” award in February 2016 Winter show at New York Now for her Sustainability Clutch– continues to capture the imagination of stylephiles and delights the fashion elite with her intricately gilded pieces that merge the organic with the opulent. As an artist, she showcases her keen eye for detail and proud Filipina roots by using humble materials such as the homely banig, bamboo, and even salvaged wood, elevating these into impressive obra maestras.

“I have always been driven to find the beauty in materials and pieces that people often overlook and underappreciated. I salvage materials and find ways to re-purpose stuff I find, as I want to show people that the ‘common’ can also be transformed into something extraordinary,” she says. From scrap wood from the mountains to bamboo and baroque pearls, Ong sees the potential in all pieces and delights in nature’s lovely imperfections. Ann Ong adds, “Ever since I started designing in 2012, the pieces I’ve made have been founded on two main things – sustainability and artistry.” As seen in her collections, Ong uses unique materials such as salvaged wood, bamboo, banig, weathered stones and such. “I’m particularly drawn to nature and upcycling what I find because I want to bring back purpose to material that’s usually discarded. I just find so much inspiration, energy, and healing in nature. I must have been a tree in my past life!” she chuckles.


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Ann Ong
Definitive Handcrafted Opulence
Office Ph: +639178270126
Instagram: Ann Gianinna Ong @anngianinnaong
Pasig City, Philippines