When our bodies die, our consciousness is thought to move on through other dimensions in time; Living on forever. IFLYUniverse (I’m Forever Living Young under the universe) was founded on February 3, 2013. IFLYUniverse is a clothing brand that believes in universal beauty. From fabric choice to silhouettes, IFLYUniverse ensures that each look is uniquely made with vision and integrity.

Growth is limitless. My name is Andres Elias Biel, and I am a self –taught Latino, designer. I was born and raised in the Lower East Side of New York City. Growing up I never had a strong influence in fashion. Fashion became a natural gravitation; the way you can express yourself through what you create and design are fascinating to me. As an adult, I have learned that hard work perseveres. I had to work twice as hard to keep my dreams alive. As a self -taught Designer, I did anything I could to learn about my passion for design. Through my journey and experience, I plan on taking limitless heights that I’ve wished for my whole life.


Company Contact:

Andres Biel
IFLY Universe
Email: iflyuniverse@yahoo.com
Phone: 646-528-8117
Instagram: Ifly_universe_
Website: www.iflyuniverse.org
Other: www.etsy.com/shop/IFLYUNIVERSE
New York, USA